I hate being in this room with the door closed.

It’s too quiet. 

My roommate is nice, but I really hate how different we are.


-wake up at reasonable hours in the morning (usually between 7 and 9)
-love musicals
-am both a Starkid and a Nerdfighter
-need to have music playing or some other noise constantly (unless I’m reading)
-prefer to keep the door open at all times (when I’m in the room)


-sleeps until the afternoon
-doesn’t listen to music as much
-has no idea what Starkid or Nerdfighteria are
-asks me to put headphones in all the time, even though I’m usually here first
-just asked me to close the door because she “doesn’t feel like leaving it open right now,” even though she’s just lying on her bed; listening to her iPod, texting, and perusing the internet

I wish the study room were unlocked.

This is rubbish.