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Becca. 20. UMBC. Art student.
This is an art blog for a class, so I thought I'd just use a saved URL. Unless otherwise stated, all of this work is my own (though it may be reposted from my personal blog).

AKA tumblr user poisonisley.

I’m currently working on building a website for my recent psycho-geography project in Baltimore. I’ve never made a website from scratch before, so this is really frustrating. I’ll post a link when it’s finally finished and uploaded. 

Flower chain installation, UMBC, VC III

Shot a roll of film for a project today. Developing things tomorrow in the lab. 

The Spine, 3D sculpture made from Twizzlers and thread

You know what’s hilarious? After I wrote and turned in that proposal, I was working on my project in class and I completely changed the design again. 

VCIII, assignment I: Constructed Form

"Repetition of single forms combined to create a more complex whole can transform the original element into a new object."

This assignment has quickly become a visual representation of my own frustrations with art. My original idea was to construct a shape from paper clips, which I would then suspend from the ceiling; however, this project failed. I did not have the adhesives necessary to make the paperclips hold any shape that was not merely a limp chain.

As a student who lacks the resources to go out and purchase new materials, I was then forced to search frantically through my apartment for anything that I might be able to use. After several other failed attempts, I finally settled on Twizzlers, which my roommate happened to have a large box of.

I tried various shapes, including some rather floral-looking designs, but then I began thinking about the nature of art itself. I thought about my roommates – all STEM majors – who think that my major is so easy in comparison. In reality, art can be quite difficult to produce. Many of my non-art major friends seem to think that they are superior to those who pursue BFAs, and for some reason that superiority complex reminded me peacocks. So, instead of creating a floral structure for no reason, I decided to try something more similar to a peacock’s tail. I also wanted to show that this project has been something of a journey, perhaps on a rollercoaster (of which I am terrified).

Currently, I am in the process of constructing loops out of Twizzlers. I am sewing the ends together to make loops that are similar in shape to a peacock’s tail feathers. I will then spiral the loops around each other, which will look something like a spiral staircase. The staircase will then turn over and loop around itself, which, in retrospect, is perhaps a subconscious tribute to the number of times I have begun this project only to turn back and begin again.

(pictures to come soon)

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